• About

    MATTO Italian Restaurant

    Adopting a position against the norm. Matto allowed individuals to be immersed in a uniquely Italian experience that is true to the Mediterranean way of life. The experience allowed you to be taken to the bustling streets of Italy, setting the stage for a culinary delight prepared in a kitchen.

    Where history and modernity converge, MATTO offered a contemporary interpretation of classic cooking techniques, providing a superb dining experience without breaking your budget. MATTO had the appropriate attire for any event, any day of the week, from business lunches to social dinner engagements.


    Why Choose Italian Cuisine

    A healthy diet is crucial for enhanced general wellbeing, proper nutrition, and a decreased risk of long-term diseases. Italian cuisine is a crucial component of the Mediterranean diet. It is also a fantastic addition to a varied, nutritious diet. For you and your family's health, eating Italian food has several advantages!

    • Increased Fiber
    • Protein-Packed
    • Great Culture

    COVID-19 & The Future

    To keep its “customers safe”, Matto, located in The Oberoi Dubai, Business Bay said on Instagram it would be closing “for the time being."

    What Do People Say?

    • "Very beautiful and elegant restaurant..."

      "Very beautiful and elegant restaurant where you can enjoy parties with loud music and Dj even in the afternoon time 🥳😍 The food is really delicious! Plus they serve different types of drinks and cocktails"
      ~ tripadvisor.com

    • "Authentic food and..."

      "Authentic food and a nice atmosphere. Everything was really tasty. Prices were good as well. You can't go wrong by coming here!"
      ~ sterlinglawyers.com

    • "A true Italian experience..."

      "Matto, located at The Oberoi offers a true Italian experience unlike any other.Where modernity and history collide, Matto presents an exceptional dining experience with a modern take on traditional cooking methods."
      ~ menupages.ae

    • "Everything was great..."

      "Industrial ambience with traditional recipes. We started with beef carpaccio & buratta. For the main course we had the carbonara, risotto gamberini and mushroom ravioli. Overall everything was great."
      ~ foursquare.com